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Angelica Cheng
Program Director

Hey, I’m Angelica! I grew up in Hong Kong, but I’m currently studying in the United States for university. In high school, I had the privilege to visit the Thai-Myanmar border, where we learned that the Mae Ra Moe Junior College was at risk of closing down.

When we returned, my friends and I reflected on the stories we heard and stayed in touch with the students and teachers. Eventually, our restless energy manifested into the beginnings of Karing Frontiers!

Development Director

Hi, I am Fish! I am from Myanmar (specifically Hpa-An, Karen State) and currently studying policy and institutions at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. Yes, I am Karen and specifically Pwo-Karen.

A few years back I joined English Summer program in which I taught basic English to both primary and middle school students in a village near Myanmar-Thai border for three months. At that time, I learned more about long-lasting Karen-Myanmar crisis that I never got to learn in Myanmar government school.

The refugees and migrants in Thai-Myanmar have various disadvantages regarding education and livelihood. I am truly grateful and excited to take part in the positively impactful action of Karing Frontiers regarding the education for the migrant students in the border.

Cosima Lesca
Communications Director

I spent a month abroad in Peru doing community service.The programme I was travelling with had ties to a school located in one of the more impoverished sectors of Peru. I spent my week there teaching english and building classrooms while having the opportunity to talk to some of the school's alumni. They shared how deeply grateful to the school they were for getting an education and of the work opportunities that followed thanks to having graduated.

When my own school year started anew, I had a conversation with my friend Angelica who recounted her trip to Thailand and told me of her idea of supporting a school in the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp as a senior project. Hearing her passion as well as having seen first hand how beneficial an education can be, I told her I wanted to be a part of it.

Fast forward to the present, I am immensely proud to say this is now far bigger than just a highschool idea. For the second year in a row, we have helped maintain the resources that these students need to empower themselves towards leadership and change within their community.

Ekisha Basu
Marketing Director

I’m a senior studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech!

I’ve been with Karing Frontiers from the day the idea was born and my role has been focused on fundraising initiatives since then such as event organization, coordination and fundraising strategy!

Jude Cornish
Web designer and developer

Karing Frontiers is an incredible initiative that I’m truly proud to be a part of. When I heard about what the team were doing from a friend at university, I asked if I could help at all from a digital perspective.

Eventually, I designed and developed entirely new branding and an accompanying website the charity over the first COVID-19 lockdown in the UK.

Since then, the charity out-grew its old website and I jumped at the chance to contribute once again. Recreating the site once more, for its third iteration, with two years more experience.

Angela Lin
Director of Impact

Hi everyone! I am Angela Lin and I am a junior at Tufts University studying community health and economics.

I learned about Karing Frontiers from Angelica and felt deeply connected to the drive and goal of this amazing organization. I have not yet got a chance to visit the schools on the Thai-Myanmar border but I look forward to the opportunities in the future.

A bit about myself: I enjoy cooking, doing art, and recently just got into basketball.

Benny Berkenkotter
Development Director

Hi! I am Benny Berkenkotter and I am a fundraising coordinator here at Karing Frontiers. I am also a student at the University of Vermont studying Environmental Science and Geospatial Technologies.

I joined Karing Frontiers right after I graduated high school in 2019 and there I got the chance to visit the Mae Ra Moe Camp on the Thai-Myanmar border to meet students and staff.

My hobbies include climbing, playing the trumpet and french horn, and film photography.

Laura Na
Social Media Coordinator

Hello! I’m Laura, and I am currently studying psychology at the University of California, Irvine. I’ve been a part of Karing Frontiers since 2019 when I visited the Karen refugee camps with Angelica and Benny.

Now, I focus on promoting Karing Frontiers through social media and assisting on other fundraising projects.

Being a part of this organization has been an incredibly enriching experience, and I hope to continue supporting Karing Frontiers however I can.

Keilyn Tai
Digital Marketing Assistant

Hi everyone!!! I’m Keilyn!!! I am originally from Hong Kong but am currently studying in Japan with plans to go the the US for university.

I come from a huge family and really enjoy playing sports! Personally, a 2018 visit to the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp led to earnest research on the Karen people and the refugee problem.

My wish is to be even the smallest bit of help to the Karen youth currently in these camps. If you are interested, I hope you’ll consider joining the cause!

April Leong
Graphic Designer

My name is April, and I first learned about Karen refugees during a school trip in 2019. During that trip, I had a chance to visit the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp as well as teach at the MRMJC.

After listening to students talk about their goals for the future, I became aware of how privileged I was to have education, and quickly developed a passion for the issue.

Surprised by the lack of support Karen refugees received, I decided to join Karing Frontiers, and I hope that I can help build a better future for the Karen through providing education and raising awareness about the issue.

Aujin Kim
Graphic Designer

I’m Aujin, and this issue sparked my interest because I’m invested in providing education to those in need.

As someone who is privileged enough to receive education, I realised how important this privilege is to the Karen refugees for building their future.

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