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Hong Kong artists support Myanmar refugee students

A print by Australian artist Simon Fuller, a painting by Hongkonger Man Chi-loy and a work by Zimbabwean-born Marc Standing are among the prizes.

Funds raised will pay for teacher stipends, stationery and classroom supplies, utility fees and the cost of transporting goods to the schools

RTHK Radio 3

Noreen Mir on RTHK3: Karing Frontiers

You’re listening to the 123 show with me Noreen Mir this Friday afternoon, let’s turn to our very first guests and topic of today.

Now in the next 20 minutes or so we’re going to hear about Karing Frontiers, which is a charity put together by a group of Hong Kong students to give financial support to secondary schools on the Thailand-Myanmar border refugee camps.


Annual photography raffle to support education on Thai-Myanmar border

A student-run Hong Kong charity has launched its annual raffle to raise funds to secure education for refugees on the Thai-Myanmar border. Prizes include photographs from across the world.

Karing Frontiers hopes to raise HK$302,000 to support 534 Karen refugee and migrant students.

Vibe HK Podcast

Vibe HK Podcast Ep 26: Karing Frontiers

Hi, I’m Gary Brightman and this is my bi-weekly podcast, Viberations.

Welcome to Vibe, Angelica and Benny! As we do, we’re going to start off with ten questions...

Tatler Asia

Karing Frontiers partners with Hong Kong’s only Burmese restaurant

In the spirit of celebration and community, the Burmese restaurant will also be running a raffle draw until the end of July, held in partnership with Karing Frontiers, an organisation that aims to empower and educate Burmese refugees and migrant youth.

Change lives today

Securing access to higher education

$48,200 USD ensures access to education for 773 students by providing classroom supplies, supporting 69 school staff with teaching stipends, and covers the remaining operational costs of the schools.