Our impact so far

We believe the most sustainable way of making an impact involves working with local communities. Karing Frontiers works in collaboration with the Karen Education Culture Department (KECD) to support higher education on the Thai-Myanmar border.


Students sponsored


Teaching staff provided with stipends


Higher education graduates


$48,334 USD

Raised $48,344 USD for 698 students, 60 faculty, and the development of new a campus in the Karen State.


$39,178 USD

Raised $39,178 USD for 773 students and 60 faculty.


$10,966 USD

Raised $10,966 USD for 65 students and 13 faculty at the MRMJC.


$11,221 USD

Raised $11,221 USD for 85 students and 13 faculty at the MRMJC.

Coming soon

2022-23 Impact Report

A full report on our impact throughout 2022, as well as reflection on previous years. Currently in production, download coming soon.

Change lives today

Securing access to higher education

$48,200 USD ensures access to education for 773 students by providing classroom supplies, supporting 69 school staff with teaching stipends, and covers the remaining operational costs of the schools.